Yesterday (2017/10/12) account suspensions went out that affected basically every relevant bot/unlocker. 7.3 brought a lot of factors that have changed the botting scene to include obvious inclusions for anti-developer and anti-cheat, as well as the EULA changes. Mythic + PVE Competitions were also opened which dramatically changes the impact rotation bots have on the game and these events.
With these changes, and this latest event, we feel the realm for automated rotations is no longer a space that can be occupied by its users, safely. The risks for using automated rotations of any sort have moved from an area of uncertainty, to an area of high probability and paranoia.

With that being said, and with a heavy heart, I am announcing that this will be the end of the road for Soapbox Rotations.

I know that this may not come as a surprise to some given the current climate in the anti-bot realm, but to others this will come as an upsetting revelation. At this time, there is no ‘safe alternative’ that I could recommend to the masses. I can only advise against the use of 3rd party stuff if you value your account, things have obviously changed. Not everyone has been suspended. This event was not about numbers, more-so about a blanket-effect, as a lot of programs were touched by this. Enough to reasonably conclude that anything that can create any real, distinct advantage in the game can become a quick and easy target.

Authentication servers are offline and will remain so, indefinitely. All subscriptions have been cancelled, so you do not have to worry about it auto-renewing.

I would like to close by thanking everyone, its been an interesting ride, but I as well as our staff enjoyed serving you over these years.